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To start this hike, I sold everything I had. When I say everything, I mean everything. I was not that well to do but the drive and calling to make this hike happen was greater than myself and I was willing to do anything to help my fellow Veterans as I’m sure you are as well. I sold my electronics, furniture, collectibles, towels, kitchen appliances, even my pickup truck. I ended up with the items in my pack and three totes of sentimental items I couldn’t part with. Needless to say that there are several areas where funds will become an issue. Food, shelter, gear, shoes, monthly bills such as cell phone and GPS transponder, and more. It is through great Americans, such as yourself, that ensure this journey for our Veterans continues.

There are two main ways you can donate and support the hike. You can make a monthly donation and become a patron of the hike you should donate through my updates page on Patreon. Through Patreon, you can donate as little as 51 or as much as you can afford monthly. These funds for the things listed above and are tax deductible. Along with Patreon, there are perks and Patreon-only posts that you will enjoy. The other is for the charity that I am walking for, 4 Corners Charities. They help Veterans from all over the country and work close with smaller organizations that do amazing thing for our Heroes!

Please choose your option below:

Donation to 4 Corners Charities here.

Become a patron supporter of the hike here.

I was called a white supremacist today. It was because I had too many pictures with American flags in them. Here are more American flags for you. Do you think this is getting out of hand? ... See MoreSee Less

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Please share! If you need or want help, please reach out. No judgement. We are here for you. There is nothing wrong about asking for help! ... See MoreSee Less

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A lot of you have asked me what I still need for the next leg of the journey and the trailer. Thank you all for your support and here is a list of what is still needed:

External mic for camera

Solar Generator for power in trailer

Solar Panels for solar generator

Waterproof Speaker to mount to bike and be removable

GPS Unit for bike

Rear Cargo Cage/fender/ and waterproof cargo bags

Front fender

Headlight for bike


LED strip lights

Rear red strobe lights. I don't want to get hit by a car.

Canon SL2, Canon t6i or t7i, Canon 70D, 80D or any model on up I could do a Canon G7X Mark ii as well. Must have a flip out screen and be able to take video.
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We will lose 720 Veterans by the time I am able to get to CA. ... See MoreSee Less

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