The Journey

I decided to embark on this journey in honor of the Veterans that have lost the battle to PTSD. Some of which I served with when I was in the Army. On average, we lose 20 of our Veterans to suicide stemming from PTSD. That’s 20 too many. I needed to do something about it. After a while, and looking at what other people have done to raise awareness, I decided on a hike. Not just any hike. A record hike to all 4 corners of America that would take me 3 1/2 years to complete.

As I looked into it more, I knew that some big changes were going to have to happen. With the support of my friends and family, and talking it over with them, I knew it was time. I tried to get support from other outlets before the hike and most everyone had the same attitude “You’re crazy.”, “That’s impossible.”, “You’ll get eaten by the bears.”. Everyone had their doubts about the journey and myself. It was happening with or without them. So I sold everything I had, from my pickup truck to my dishes and bought gear, a plane ticket and headed out on the journey. My goal was simple. Get this journey completed and be able to have a positive impact on one life. If I can help save just one life, then all the hardships, pain, loneliness, and everything else will be absolutely worth it. Since I started the journey in November of 2016, I have received 9 letters/phone calls from Veterans that were suicidal and came across my walk and have changed their minds about suicide and are still with us today.

So far on this journey I have met so many amazing Veterans, great people, and wonderful organizations. I have walked over 4,500 miles so far and still have a long way to go with a few exciting changes that will take this journey to more states, cities, and people to spread the message of our Veterans in need. You can find updates and where I do live videos on the Facebook page here.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you and hope to meet you in person. To find out more about updates, pictures, click the links below:

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It's about that time! I head out to begin the next leg of the journey in just a few days! Over 7,900 miles to the next corner. It seems unimaginable. I am excited to meet all of you but most importantly to continue to raise awareness and help our Veterans! Thank you to those that have helped and are helping! There is still so much that need to get done on my end and I'm sure it will all come together with your help 🙂 If you would like to help out you can do so by clicking here: Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are the cities and dates for the upcoming portion. Am I coming close to you? Tag any Veterans Organizations, friends, family, or Veteran businesses in the comments. I would love to meet them!

March 17th Launch from Las Vegas
March 17th end in Indian Springs, NV
March 18th Beatty, NV
March 19th Goldfield, NV
March 20th Tonopah, NV
March 21st Mina, NV
March 22nd Hawthorne, NV
March 23rd Gardnerville, NV
March 24th-27th Carson City, NV
March 27th-30th Reno, NV
March 30th Doyle, CA
March 31st Susanville, CA
April 1st North of Susanville, CA
April 2nd Adin, CA
April 3rd Tulelake, CA
April 4th-6th Klamath Falls, OR
April 6th Crater Lake National Park
April 7th La Pine, OR
April 8th-11th Bend, OR
April 11th Sisters, OR
April 12th Detroit, OR
April 13th Stayton, OR
April 14th-18th Salem, OR
April 18th Tigard, OR
April 19th-21nd Portland, OR
April 22nd Longview, WA
April 23nd Centralia, WA
April 24rd Olympia, WA
April 25th Tacoma, WA
April 26th-28th Seattle, WA
April 29 Snoqualmie, WA
April 30th Easton, WA
May 1st-2nd Ellensburg, WA
May 3rd-6th Yakima, WA
May 7th Sunnyside, WA
May 8th Kennewick, WA
May 9th Walla Walla, WA
May 10th Tollgate, OR
May 11th-13th La Grande, OR
May 14th Baker City, OR
May 15th Vale, OR
May 16th Caldwell, ID
May 17th-21st Boise, ID
May 22nd King Hill, ID
May 23rd-24th Twin Falls, ID
May 25th Heyburn, ID
May 26th American Falls, ID
May 27th Blackfoot, ID
May 28th-June 3rd Idaho Falls, ID
June 4th Pocatello, ID
June 5th Malad City, ID
June 6th Bringham City, UT
June 7th Layton, UT
June 8th-13th Salt Lake City, UT

This is all that is planned out so far. After this is Colorado, Kansas, and beyond!

I look forward to seeing you all very soon!
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