7 Things YOU Can Do To Help Your Local Veterans

I get asked this a lot and I have come across a few things that people have done that I think is great as well as a few things I have thought of. A lot of these things I am going to bring up to local communities as I continue on this trek. Most Veterans that are experiencing the negative effects of PTSD fell a loss of self worth and not wanted. Hopefully we can shed a light on this.

1. Call and text them. A lot of Veterans are alone. They are divorced, single, widowed, kids have grown up, and so on. Often times they do not hear from family as often as they would like. Just call them and say anything. Ask how they have been. Ask about the weather there. Ask about a movie they once saw or ask for tips on something they like to cook. It can be anything and this could have a major positive impact on their day. You never know what they are going through that day.

2. Take them some food. Now I am not talking about a full blown dinner but rather some cookies or maybe you felt like baking an apple pie. Who wouldn’t want someone to bring them a pie?! This has been a long lost tradition in America and I think it should make a huge comeback. When you do this, you make the person you gave it to feel thought of and loved.

3. Gift them a subscription to the local paper or magazine they like. Most Veterans like routine. Having a paper to look forward to everyday is a wonderful way to do this!

4. Ask to borrow something. Now I know this sounds bad but hear me out. As I stated before, a lot of Veterans feel unwanted or not needed. Asking to borrow a couple eggs or their shovel makes them feel needed. Even if it’s just a small amount. These things can be a turning point in their day or even week. Do not go over and ask to borrow their car lol.

5. Be there for them and mean it. We’ve all heard it before “Let me know if you need anything.” or “I got your back.” or any of the other saying that fall into this subject matter. But how often do the people that say these things come through? Not often enough. Now you don’t have to say these exact things to a Veteran but if you offer help in any form, follow through. In this instance, actions really do speak louder than words.

6. Invite them over for dinner or meet up for dinner somewhere. You would be amazed at the stories that Veterans can tell. It’s not all war stories. Some of the best stories I have heard are just from the everyday life that they have experienced. This is even more important if you know anyone from WW2 or the Korean war. In just a few years, there won’t be anymore Veterans from WW2. Take the time to cherish visiting them and soak it all in.

7. Go to a Veteran’s home to volunteer or to just go talk with them. Chances are is that there is a state Veteran’s home nearby. Is it 3 hours away? It’s still nearby. Don’t make up excuses to not visit. There is a treasure trove of information, jokes, smiles, friendly faces, and more. Not just for you but for them as well. This is a simple win-win for anyone to do. Do it. You will be a better person because of this.

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