Help For Veterans

Many of us who have served in the military were conditioned to be strong, to not be afraid, to suck it up and soldier on. Make no mistake, there are good things about being conditioned that way. Some of it helps us through good times and bad. However, there is no shame in getting help. There are people that love you and want to help you. We are here for you any time any place.

Ways to get help:

  • Get Help in a Crisis

    The National Center for PTSD provides links and information to help you locate VA and other mental health services in your area.

  • Find a Therapist

    Describes types of professionals who provide therapy and medication for PTSD and trauma issues.

  • Self-Help and Coping

    Find out what to expect after a trauma and about self-help tools that can help you manage stress reactions.

Help for Veterans

  • Care for Women Veterans

    Describes VA services offered to women Veterans, including the Women Veterans Health Care Program.

  • PTSD Treatment Programs

    Information on specialized treatment for PTSD within VA Medical Centers.

  • VA Benefits and Claims 

    Answers to some questions about PTSD and service-connected disability that are frequently asked by veterans. Provides information about resources for treatment.

More information on PTSD:

What is PTSD?

PTSD related resources

Symptoms for Veterans with PTSD

Living with/Helping a Veteran with PTSD

Understanding PTSD treatment

Tips for understanding a Veteran with PTSD


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Live drawing for 2 flags! Good luck! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 flag raffle! This raffle is for TWO wooden flags made by myself. This will more than likely be one of the last raffles and last flags that I will be making for a while. The funds for this will go to the veteran who had the house fire. There will only be 20 spots available. Once the spots are filled, the drawing will take place. I am hoping this will get filled up today! Each spot is $20 paypal to or you can go to Thank you and good luck!
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I want to thank everyone who entered and helped this veteran. I spoke with the winner of the raffle and they wanted their share to go to the veteran. This makes my heart so happy. The veteran has also contacted me and wanted to tell everyone that they are at a loss of words and how much they appreciate everyone. When I told them that this was from all over the country, they were amazed to say the least. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Eli Smith 4CornersHike

Live drawing for the raffle! Thank you for everyone that is helping this veteran in need! ... See MoreSee Less

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